Thu June 02, 2016
New Drupal 8 Website for Hollow Brook LLC

In collaboration with our colleagues at San Fransisco's Creative Mint, we have just launched the new Hollow Brook LLC Drupal 8 website:

The new website features a stunning fresh design and layout by Creative Mint and is fully responsive and mobile friendly. The site scales to a variety of screen sizes and is smart phone compatible.

Built on a Drupal 8 content management platform, the new site contains cutting edge content management tools like "text touch up" where text can be edited right on the page in question without the need to enter any administration editing pages. Furthermore the administration tools are responsive and mobile friendly as well. In addition, the new Drupal 8 content management system contains advanced caching tools that enable the site to load lighting quick and doesn't require expensive hosting options.

The new site features:

Visit the site here:

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